Monday, March 23, 2015

soul urjaa course details

Soul Urjaa

Level 1

Well Being

1. What is happiness

2. What is sorrow

3. What is health

4. What is illness

5. Whatvis well being

6. Who gets it

7. How we can maintain wellbeing

8. Attitude for wellbeing

Level 2

Attitude and Well Being

1. Anger

2. Worry

3. Right and wrong

4. Judgement

5. Prejudices

6. Reacting and attitude

7. Attitude and relaxing

8. Attitude of thanking

Level 3

Sounds, music, colours, diet remedies

1. Sounds and swaras

2. Swaras and body parts

3. Songs and healing

4. Sunlight and colours

5. Colourscand health

6. Food and health

7. Water and health

8. Home remedies

Out of the 10 levels of soul urjaa,
Basic course consists of 3 levels.
Each of these has 8 points in syllabus.
Each point is covered in one lecture of 2 hours.
So, 8 weeks are needed for each level,
And in total we need 24 weeks.
After every 8 weeks,
We may consider a guest session where students can share their experiences. 

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